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All Titles are Audiophile Collector Recordings Then and Now jefferson airplane Compositions are Created By The Original Musicians.

Marty Balin, Alexander 'Skip' Spence, Signe Anderson, Jack Casady and Jorma Kaukonen of jefferson airplane and Hot Tuna.

San Francisco Sound always uses the best equipment available for making records. We offer Certified Limited Edition virgin heavy gauge Vinyl.

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...then you heard jefferson airplane, Big Brother and the Holding Company, the Dead, Quicksilver and, when there were more than ten thousand, the music moved to Golden Gate Park. Height Street, with the Straight Theatre was the playground for the Hippies. The music scene grew. Country Joe and the Fish, Moby Grape, It;s A Beautiful Day, all originated in San Francisco. Bands from all over the world came to play. Many stayed to make San Francisco the most important happening on the planet. Many heard Indian Puddin and Pipe, Tripsichord Music Box in fields in Phoenix, St Louis, Seattle, when the Hippy Dippy Funky Dunky Bus with those bands traveled all over the west cost and into the mid west playing free to friends who followed the "Bus" from city to city.

Music that was played to audiences who followed San Francisco Sound did not have the opportunity to have recordings of those bands but now Matthew who produced several of those bands is now mastering several hours of that music that was recorded live but never before released is now putting out Audiophile quality digitally mastered Certified Limited Edition CDs and Vinyl that are available from this web site. A more complete catalogue can be seen on Sfsound.com.

You may have looked to Amazon, Yahoo, Google, Napster, YouTube, etc, to obtain the titles that are on the San Francisco Sound web site but when Tower Records closed the distribution suffered. As a result the best source and only legal source for these titles is from the San Francisco Sound, Malibu Trading Company web sites. Malibutrade.com is the sales group for all San Francisco Sound product which is offering naturopathic products to encourage our friends to consume healthy food and supplements to maintain the longevity of life.

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